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About the Foundation

Joyway Widows Foundation is a registered charitable organisation allowed by law to raise funds in Australia. We are likewise registered in Nigeria where our humanitarian efforts benefit childless widows. Founded in 2015, we focus on community development, women empowerment and the provision of care and housing to designated beneficiaries.

Why We Do It

Nigeria is one of the most difficult places to be a widow. In this part of West Africa, it is not uncommon for such women to face double marginalisation. Because of firmly established attitudes and prejudices which cannot easily be legislated away, widows languish at the bottom of the societal ladder.

Owing to this inequality, they encounter difficulties getting access to education. Likewise, widows do not enjoy certain rights, opportunities and economic privileges. Other variables such as customs, traditions and laws also work against them.

There are no legislative measures in place to address their grievances or provide them with protection. To be able to bridge the gap, Joyway Widows Foundation comes forward with a mandate to care for and empower these women, particularly those who don’t have children to care for them.

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