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Every Challenge Is an Opportunity to Do More

Our Purpose

The purpose of Joyway Widows Foundation is to empower widows without children in every area of their lives. This includes dealing with challenges and constraints that put their lives at risk. Widows usually bear the brunt of polygamous marriages and are deprived of their husband’s will after death. The lack of legislative measures to protect widows and absence of welfare support or a social security system also make these women vulnerable.

To improve the plight of childless widows in Nigeria, we offer the following services:

• Health Care

  • Volunteer health personnel to assist participants
  • A readily available ambulance service
  • Provide allied health services to participants

• Financial Empowerment

  • Provide suitable capital to start a small-scale business
  • Endow funding for career-oriented education

• Well-Being (Social and Psychological)

  • Create event centres and social amenities (to enable social inclusion)
  • Provide a central place of worship
  • Provide field counsellors to advice participants
  • Initiate a buddy system to tackle loneliness

• Education

  • Provide legal education and outreach to participants
  • Host information seminars regarding sexual harassment
  • Initiate personal hygiene education
  • Offer workshops and required programs

Program Requirements

We aim to build and develop a financially and structurally viable organisation. Our goal is to strengthen three pivotal aspects in our programs:

  • Financial – Secure sustainable funding from governments, society, philanthropists, individuals and like-minded individuals.
  • Empowerment of Widows – Increase the physical, social, and economic participation of widows in all areas.
  • Structural – Spread awareness through social media, communicate globally (website) and develop good governance.
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